Singapore Pools Review

Singapore Pools has long been providing its services in Singapore since 1968 when it was established by the government to counter illegal gambling activities and provide citizens a reliable betting channel. All profits from Singapore Pools go toward Tote Board which in turn supports various worthy causes.

Singapore Pools not only offers online lottery games, but it also has an intuitive mobile application for iOS and Android devices that enables players to check results easily while on the move. This app makes the process fast, secure and user-friendly while its website offers even more features!

Your bets can also be placed from anywhere around the world, as long as gambling is legal in that location. Keep in mind, however, that gambling can lead to financial loss; therefore it is wise to set limits and play responsibly. Our company takes responsible gaming seriously and is dedicated to supporting anyone at risk of gambling addiction.

To protect your winnings and ensure it does not get stolen, it is vital to retain your ticket until after claiming the prize from Singapore Pools staff. They will check that the security code remains undamaged; therefore it’s wise not to write or draw anything on it yourself and store it safely somewhere secure.

Winnings from Singapore Pools can be paid out in either cash or cheque form. Instant payouts up to $5,000 can be withdrawn instantly via bank link, eNETS or at Singapore Pools branches with transaction charges applicable per option chosen.

Singapore Pools stands out for its outstanding security record when it comes to fighting fraud and other forms of illegal gain. Their systems are regularly audited to ensure proper functioning. Furthermore, a multidisciplinary team was set up specifically to investigate and prosecute suspected instances of fraud while all employees receive training in how to be vigilant and act swiftly in cases of suspected misdeeds.

Singapore Pools has received several recognitions for its employee engagement practices. Human Resources Director Asia presented them with the Employer of Choice Award 2020 for its excellence in recruitment, engagement and retention practices. With its iShine platform allowing employees to contribute through volunteerism in the community and its iShine Volunteers mobile application providing volunteering opportunities in their area of operation – Singapore Pools have won multiple accolades for employee engagement initiatives that it practices.

iShine provides people with an online platform for signing up for community events and monitoring their registration progress, viewing volunteering records, updating profiles and viewing volunteering records. Furthermore, its user-friendly design has allowed more sports and recreational activities to be added; helping Singapore Pools attract new volunteers while expanding its overall reach.