How to Play Roullete

Roullete is a casino game in which a small ball is dropped into a rotating wheel, and then players bet on which color or grouping of numbers it lands in as it comes to rest. Although the house edge may be higher than other casino games, Roullette offers surprising depth of strategy and the right bets can bring great returns.

Roulette wheels consist of solid wooden disks with metal frets (partitions) surrounding its perimeter. These frets, or compartments, alternate in colors between red and black and feature one zero section (on European wheels) or two green zero pockets on American wheels. A dealer spins the wheel before throwing a ball into one of thirty-six red or black slots on its rim.

Each number is given its own color and betting pattern; there are also single-number bets as well as bets on various groupings of numbers (high/low numbers, odd/even numbers, first/second/third dozen, etc). Collectively these bets are known as outside bets as they cover more area on the wheel than individual single-number wagers do.

The symmetrical nature of roulette makes learning and following its rules effortless, yet many try to circumvent it by watching other players and betting against what they do – this should not be done as this approach won’t increase odds over time, only luck will.

There are various guides and books available online and in print to assist in helping you decide what bets to place at a roulette table. Before beginning to play, set yourself a budget and stick to it – remember, top online casinos offer numerous roulette games with various minimum and maximum bet amounts so make sure that when winning chips appear, cash them in quickly as soon as you can!

When you win, the dealer will tell you how much your winning bet pays and mark this amount on her “wheel of chips”. She then distributes chips according to their value; more expensive bets pay out more while smaller bets return less.

Beginners looking to start betting may benefit from placing basic outside bets. An “outside” bet entails wagering that the winning number will either be red or black and paying even money, offering greater odds without compromising bankroll too greatly. Minimum stake for these “outside” bets can start from as little as $5.00.