Tech Data HK – Connecting the Global Economy With Tech Data HK

Equinix is a key player in Hong Kong market, famed for their carrier-dense data centers. Their colocation facilities offer customers access to an extensive range of network services that connect them into Hong Kong’s vibrant industry ecosystem, which also serves as a global financial center. Customers can access their data from anywhere around the world in a secure, reliable environment well suited for business applications.

Current in Hong Kong SAR, personal data protection is guaranteed solely through the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO), which ensures no person may experience interference with their privacy, family life and correspondence, or attacks against their honor and reputation without legal authority. Unfortunately, however, the scope of PDPO has several restrictions which do not extend outside Hong Kong; hence its application does not cover activities taking place outside its boundaries, rendering PDPO ineffective when businesses operate in different jurisdictions.

This year, Hong Kong government released a discussion paper exploring potential changes to PDPO, such as expanding its definition. A suggested change would require data concerning identifiable people rather than just individuals – providing additional protection for individuals as well as more stringent compliance measures for businesses that use personal data.

The discussion paper highlighted that many of these challenges could be alleviated with technological innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). At Allied Telesis, our Network AI software helps automate administrative tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to automate, and can predict changes before they even take place – this enables network operators to be more proactive and responsive towards customer requirements, increasing efficiency while creating business opportunities.

Tech Data HK serves as an essential link in the technology ecosystem and empowers its customers to maximize business outcomes. Their comprehensive range of solutions caters for wholesalers, resellers, retailers and end users – such as solutions that help companies transform their channels as well as services that leverage advanced technologies for revenue growth.

Furthermore, they provide an array of services designed to facilitate the deployment and operation of IoT systems, such as managed IoT services, consulting and integration support, professional training to maximize value from these platforms and more. Integrating IoT into business solutions and improving customer experiences are some of the many services provided by this company. Furthermore, they offer security and network architecture services, mobile app development support, cloud computing support and Big Data analytics support; flexible delivery either on premise or cloud; as well as various connectivity options to allow companies to adapt and scale with business growth needs.