What is the Hong Kong Prize?

Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier scientific research awards, honoring studies with global impact. Every year this non-governmental merit-based contest draws thousands of applicants and rewards winners with cash prizes as well as access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. Some notable finalists have even risked their lives for their work – founding organizations providing shelter to homeless adults or developing liquid biopsy processes.

The mission of The Hong Kong Prize is to promote world-class academic exchange between scientists, and connect current researchers with future generations of scientists. This goal is accomplished through world-class intellectual seminars and discussions, workshops, poster sessions, visits to scientific development projects in Hong Kong universities and institutes, cross-cultural social activities as well as visits by young people interested in entering science or technology as a career field. All these efforts aim at encouraging more young people into science or technology fields of study.

If you are passionate about Asian culture and history, the Hongkong Prize could be just what you are looking for. Top ten finalists receive a monetary prize as well as an invitation to an awards ceremony and other perks; but before applying, make sure that you carefully read through all the rules so you know exactly how competition will work before applying – otherwise winning could become difficult!

Hong Kong, situated in the heart of Asia, has emerged as a center for studying its region and place in the world. Boasting international and regional institutions as well as an active intellectual community, this makes Hong Kong a perfect venue to conduct studies related to its history, politics, society and culture. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the Hongkong Prize was established to reward exceptional scholars and students of the city’s past, present and future.

Winners not only receive a monetary award but also a certificate and trophy. Furthermore, they may be recognized at events and media coverage by experts from their field judging process; furthermore it should be noted that no financial interest exists between any member of this panel and winning entries.

The Hong Kong Prize was founded by friends and students of Dr John D. Young, a distinguished historian of Hong Kong and China, in 1996 to promote scholarship on both topics related to Hong Kong’s relationship to China as well as beyond. Its logo and trophies designed by architect Yves Belanger represent this balance between science and culture through an amulet featuring both pearl and jade amulets with holes pierced through them to symbolize it.

The Hongkong Prize is an exceptional way to honor and recognize high school students for their academic and extracurricular accomplishments, encouraging them to follow their passions and create global perspectives. Sponsored by Bank of Hong Kong and open to all Hong Kong residents who have completed high school, finalists can explore Hong Kong’s premier research facilities while learning its culture and history as they earn themselves a monetary award, certificate, and trophy!